Saturday, April 28, 2007

A final hoorah...

They say all good things must come to an end, and I’m sorry to report that like all good things this blog is coming to an end. This will be my last post. We’re nearing the end of the semester, and what a semester it has been. We’ve learned and talked about so much as in pertains to product placement. We started with a simple definition: the appearance of products in television programs or movies paid for by the manufacturer or company. I was surprised how far product placement has expanded past that definition and into new mediums.
We’ve looked into all sorts of interesting mediums in which product placement is set. We’ve learned that product placement in placed anywhere from television and movies, to race cars, music and on celebrities. Product placement is everywhere. Technically we’re all just walking billboards for the brands we wear, cars we drive, and products we’re seen with. Our generation would much rather view product placements than traditional advertisements. This seems to be the trend we’re heading towards. I think traditional advertising will always be around, but with the technological advances of TiVo and DVR, commercial exposure may become obsolete (except to those of you advertising nerds like me that tend to be more interested in the commercials than the actual television programs). I guess if they want anyone to pay attention, they’re going to have to become a little more creative.
Product placement has certainly become quite creative. Who would have thought that Jesus would drink and promote Coca-Cola? And who would have thought that Coke would sue for such a great product placement. Movies have definitely started to become overcrowded with product placements like we say in Blades of Glory. Surprisingly, even with so much product placement, it still held the number one box office spot. Looks like product placement is proving to be pretty effective. Just how effective, you may ask? Well, that’s a good question.
We also discovered in our journey throughout the semester than Nielsen has come up with a new tool called Place*Values. It’s a revolutionary new tool that allows advertisers to evaluate past product placements and new placement opportunities. It even allows advertisers to test different variations of their product placements and evaluate the success of each variation. With all the innovation in product placements, where is it headed? Research has shown that Europe and Asia are growing markets for product placement. So it looks like we’re heading overseas.
So, my friends, until we meet again, keep looking for product placements because every product has its place. Au Revoir.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Catchy tune holds product placement

My sister, being a teenage high school student, is on top of all the latest trends. She mentioned that I should seach for a song and watch the video. So I did, and now I'm passing it along to you. The song is "My lipgloss is poppin" by Lil Mama. After listening to it the first time, I decided it has more than appropriate for my blog on product placement.

A verse of the lyrics is as follows:
Mac Mac L'Oreal yep 'cause I'm worth it
Love the way I put it on so perfect
Wipe the corners of my mouth so I work it
When I walk down the hallway they can't say nothing
Oh oh oh my lips so luscious
The way I spice it up with the Mac Mac brushes
L'Oreal got the most watermelon crushes
That's probably is the why these boys got crushes…

It's the lipgloss song so obviously it features some name brand cosmetic products. It's free promotion for Mac and L'Oreal. The song specifically targets high schoolers. They are a great target because they are on top off all the latest trends and styles, especially in music and are very influential among their friends. If you can get them to try a product, then they will tell their friends who will want it.
Yet another product placement spotted... where will you find the next?

Friday, April 13, 2007

sweet smells and songs...

I was recently listening to the radio when the news came on, telling me about a new album release by Hilary Duff. The album titled Dignity was released April 3rd in the United States and, according to her website, debuted at number three! So I know what you're thinking... What does this have to do with product placement, right? Well...

As I listened closely to this radio news, they announced that Hilary Duff was also coming out with a new fragrance called With Love. The new album also has a song with the same title. Coincidence? I think not. The radio news story said this was part of her strategy to promote both the new fragrence and new album. Hilary also said that the fragrence came first and when she sat down to write the album, it was hard to write a song when she knew she had to include certain things. Although the song does not specifically mention a perfume, it does develop around the phrase "with love." I think this can be viewed as a product placement because the artist was writing to include certain things to promote her new perfume. I think we will see more of this type of thing happening because celebrities are involved in so many facets of business these days, from clothing to perfume to movies and music.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Coke sues...

According to an article published in The Star Phoenix, Coke is suing a new Italian movie. The movie is called 7 Km da Gerusalemme (7 kilometers to Jerusalem, in English). A scene in the movie shows Jesus drinking a Coca-Cola. A representative from Coke said, "We are not interested in this kind of product placement."

And what KIND of product placement is that? I translate it to mean that they do not want to have a product placement with religious ties. One reason is that it may alienate those viewers that are not of the Christian faith. And lets be honest, these days religion is quite the touchy subject. Remember all the talk about Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ? And then you take it the next step and have these religious figures with product placements. This may be pushing it a little too far for some viewers, although others may find it humorous. It all depends on you religious background and beliefs, but we certainly do not want to step on any toes. Better to be safe than sorry, so lets leave Coke out of this one.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

If the show fits...

This week on America's Next Top Model... Keds. The show with Tyra Banks, is infamous for product placements. Each week this season, the show features CoverGirl cosmetics and Seventeen magazine as regular product placements. The extra thrown in this week is Keds shoes. The winner of the model challenge was Dionne, who picked Jaslene and Whitney to share her prize. The prize: modelling in a Keds ad to be placed in the June issue of Seventeen magazine. Keds is trying to renew their popularity with placements in a show that is so popular with young girls.

And this is not the first time Keds have been featured as a product placement in a popular show or movie. They have also been spotted on television shows like Alias and The O.C., and movies including Little Miss Sunshine, The Aviator and Akeelah and the Bee. The Aviator was actually the moving that helping bring back and rejuvinate the mens line of Keds. Check out the Keds website to get your own!